Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Monday, July 27, 2015


DEar fam, i am sending this message as a forward so it will include the picture i hope you are able to see them! This week has been very, testing, but we have also seen many miracles, ( i think i saw that about every week). First of all, this is the Fuentes Family that we have been teaching. They are my second favorite family in  the world, The husband is named Andres and his wife Liliana. Their two kids Javier 8 and Emilio 5. This week the went out of town to the country and called us saturday to tell us they couldn't make it to church. Lilian has been 3 times she she had accepted to be baptized. WE have been trying hard to get andres there so he can be baptized too but something always comes up. Then sunday we received a call fifteen minutes before sacrament meeting, ´´Sisters, where are you i'm waiting here in from of the church¨´. He had come all the way in from his family reunion to come to church with us! it probably doesn't sound like such a a miracle but it was. They now have the church attendence to be baptized and we hope they will accept the invitation for the 8 of august.
THis week we also did division with the hermana leaders. I was with Hermana Kioa from texas. It was fun, we did some exploring in our sector and went way out in the country to contact, im talking cows and chileans working in the fields! it was fun, we didnt have too much success, most o the poeple out there dont know how to read or anything so it was hard to explain the book of mormon, thank goodness it has pictures in the front!
Today we went to the CCM in santiago to see the doctor for hna martinez, she has been having some trouble breathing. ANyways its was good to op back and roam the halls where i spend my first few weeks here in chile. It hit me how much i have grown and changed. Hopefully for the better! it really has been a adventure to look back and think of my first contact, to my first baptism, the first flight with a companion, the first time i really felt at home here. Its a livign testimony that everythough i am far, i have never been closer to my father in heaven. Im so grateful that i dont have to wait till monday to talk to him and that he has unlimited minutes. This week i really learned and understood for the first time about how to listen when i pray.

Hope all is well. sounds like you're all doing good. We are preparing for changes ehre again in a couple weeks so i dont know where ill be going but i know that ill be going in the name of the lord and thats all that matters! If you see Rachel or Kylie give them a big hug for me! Have a good one! Hermana PHelps