Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Swaying Buildings

Dear world,
Dont worry i am still alive after the big Earthquake this week:) There are still a ton of earthquakes happeneing every day, Fun fact: ive experienced more than 200 this week! It makes for interesting days and things! nothing too serious happened in our sector though, it was more in the North so things are back to normal and all. Along the coast, where i was before, got evacuated for a little while but they are all good now! To give you a little play by play, we were up on the 11th floor when the first one hit. The whole building was swaying back and forth. We were able to get down and were in the street when the second one came. This time we looked up and saw all the building and the road moving. It was like a movie, such a strange feeling! But as far as i know there was no serious damage here or in my mission. The Chileans are kind of used to these kind of things so the building here have these crazy flexible foundations. It has made for a cool lesson, that we can compare our faith to the foundations of these skyscrapers. When we constantly lean on others and never really test our faith, it will not stand tall when the world starts testing it. But if we fortify our faith and testimony with lots of little experiences and lots of little things, then we can absorb the danger and keep on going. Strangely i've learned a ton this week and feel like i've become a lot better missionary. It was also the 18th here, that's Independance Day!  I sent a pic with a little girl in our ward that danced for us. Our ward didn't have the activity yet so i will send more pictures next week on what we do and all. But im way excited.

Also last night they called us to tell us the changes. I am staying here in my sectore but.  It looks like i will be recieving my ´´daughter´´ tomorrow in the Changes Meeting.  IM excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me and for all i will learn. Training is something that i've always wanted to try so im asking for your prayers for her and me this week as we start this new challenge!
Also, i know im a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! i love you so much and thank heavenly Father ever day for sending me to your womb:) I dont know how i have been so blessed, but i wish the the happiest Feliz CumpleaƱos en todo el mundo! i hope it passed really well and dad forked out and at least took you to get ice cream or something!
Thanks for the video of Brooks. I think

his spanish is ready for chile, feel free to send him down here:) Love ya all and thanks for the support! Have a fantastic week. Work hard, Pray Hard:) Love hermana Phelps