Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Important Life lessons

 Dear Family,
I think i have found a city with weather more bipolar than round valley. Newsflash everyone: Santiago Chile takes the prize. Although it still isn't even close in the windy category! It has been a good week though, like always. We had an activity for all the recent converts and 80 people came. It was huge, well huge for here! We played games and had an Mission President speak, he did a great job. The missionaries were in charge of the refreshments so you can just imagine what kind of ´treats´we had to enjoy afterwards. Haha there were a few brownies but of course the Elders don't even know how to make that so they brought...1.spaghetti 2 instant potatoes 3. Crackers and kool-aid 4. Mac and Cheese and 5.bag of candy. Haha oh man the poor people didn't know it is was dinner or a midnight snack or what to even eat. Not to mention no one brought forks or plates so it was pretty funny everyone eating the spaghetti with their hands:) But we left with the spirit and that's what counts right? :) These kind of things only happen when boys are in charge! Its a good thing Heavenly Father hasnt asked us to be perfect right?
It has also been a rather weird week, There are frequent dog bites in the mission seeing as Chile has more dogs than people i'm pretty sure. We have had a ton of dog bite briefings and the 911 rabies numbers are pinned to every mission refridgerator. However, this week the other hermana in our ward got bit by...wait for it... a grown man. It was pretty intense! Ha i have never seen a hand so swollen. dont even ask me how it happened either but now we all have to attend a ´{what happens if a man tries to bite you´´class that i am really looking forward to! I guess satan does whatever he can to stop the progression of the work of the Lord.
We also found a new investigator when we stopped a little kid from throwing a brick at his brother head. We came around the corner just in time as he was about to let that baby fly. I grabbed it and another girl grabbed the other kid and we broke up the fight. It turns out she is from Mexico and an exchange student here and we ended up laughing about how at 5 year old they dont really understand the consequences of their actions, but we as grown ups do. We were able to teach a really good lesson and feel the spirit even though is started out a little crazy.
Out of all the crazy things that have happened this week, i have learned that the Lord works in mysterious ways to help his work progress. He has a sense of humor and is okay if we enjoy our time here, in fact it is the reason we are here in this life. To learn that bricks are for building and not for throwing. That hands are for helping and not for biting, and that if you really want to enjoy the ´´feasts´´ of life, it works better when you have the right tools to do so.
Sounds like everyone is doing good. Thank you for your never ending support and love. Good luck this week in all you do and remember there is always someone waiting to hear from you! Lots of Chilean love, HermanaPhelps