Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crazy Day

so i made it barely. it was kind of a disaster. the flight from farmington to denver was really rough. there was only 4 of us on the plane and you could see right into the cockpit. we started hitting some turbulence and the pilots started freaking out and pushing lots of buttons and levers and stuff. it was really scary, our seatbelts couldn't keep us in our seats! anyways i got to denver and then to dallas. my flight to santiago got delayed a couple of hours, so i called the number in my packet that is for delays and told a lady. she said she would call and tell the mtc my flight had been delayed, all the while there is not a single missionary anywhere.So i finally got here to chile and there was no one waiting for me of course. i asked an airport worker and he said "oh a missionary, you guys come here all the time so confused.  let me help you" so he said "follow me to a taxi, " but i new i wasn't supposed to take a taxi.  I sat and waited for 2 hours and still no one had come so the worker called the mtc and said "they said no one is coming for you, you need to take a taxi" so i just did that. I got dropped off on a random street, but soon  some elders walked by and I waved them down! they walked me over a  dew blocks and helped me with my bags.  They got me to the mtc and found someone for me to talk when then the mission president's wife ran up to me and was so glad to see me. appartently no one had told them about my delay, nor had anyone called the mtc and told me to take a taxi.   She said they  thought i just decided not to come and had no idea where i was. It was pretty much the most stressful 20 hours of my life. But i made it i guess, they gave me permission to email you and let you know im not dead. First thing i learned on my mission: when they call someone on the phone, it is fake. Phone calls never go through or something here! anyways im alive, stressed, and hot. but im here!

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