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December 2014-July 2016

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baking like a toasted Cheezer

Hola familia,
Well, as you might have read in the above line, summer has hit Chile sadly. Ha I really think i am already to die and it hasnt even started yet. I dont even think its really that hot but i just feel like its radiating. I think its because my comp´s blonde hair attracts the sun towards us even more than normal but im not sure.

This week was really fun, we had a stake activity with the Relief Society. WE had a huge  Spa thing and every ward was in charge of a stand. Our stand was hairdresser, others had relaxation, manicure,and healthy eating. As you can probably imagine i had so much fun getting my nails done and hair curled and what not ;) Nah, it wasnt that bad actually. I was in charge of doing hair believe it or not and i didnt even burn one person and no one even yelled at me and told me it looked bad so i hope that Hailey Eagar and both of my sister read this and know that finally i have grown into someone of a girl who knows how to do hair. Congratulations Hermana Phelps.

We also had divison this week and i got to go to Pajaritos and work in the sector with Hna Mcquinn. It was fun to get out of the city for awhile and see the sky. Hermana Morrell had the whole day to get her companion lost in our area and even managed to find a few new people for us to teach. It was a definate proud mother moment.
We also did a service activity this week and cleaned the church. I learned a very important lesson when we were assigned to clean the big glass doors in the front. We were handed the spray and off we went to work. When we supposedly finish we stepped back and to our surpise they were much worse than when we started. Im talking like more streaks then see throuhg glass. So we puzzled ourselves nd went on spraying again. This time it seriously was even worse no matter how hard we scrubbed. By this time our arms we like sore. We tried a third time then gave up. As we looked closer a the cleaner we were using and Elder came and told us that he has switched the bottles and that he thought we were using furniture polisher. Turns out the windows were very glossy becuase thats what the spray was made for doing. I wanted to slap the kid, but we acepted the window cleaner and went to work again. I was thinking of how to apply the experience and thought about the atonement. When we have sinds, our windows dont turn out just perfectly. We can try all we want but if we dont have the help and the right cleaner, they just dont get clean. But when we accept and use the atonement of Christ and his teaching, we have all we need to stand spotless before Heavenly Father in the last days. I know i have already wasted so much of my life hopelessly scrubbinjg with the wrong cleaners. But I am in the right direction now thankfully. Im so grateful for a loving father and a loving brother who cn help us in all of life´s little problems. Well i hope you have a good week:) Thanks for the emails and love.
Shout out from Chile for the Elks this weekend and for Eagar 1st and thier new Bishop. I wish everyone luck. Also shoutout to Shae and Dallin and thier upcoming wedding! Send me lots of pcitures:)
Lots of love- Hermana Phelps

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  1. Loved reading on here. Keep up the great work and know you are loved and missed!