Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Dear fambam,
Sounds like you are all doing good! ready to end the school year and get down to some serious summer! Sadly we are just starting winter here and its getten pretty chilly these past couple nights. the weirdest thing is the fog! nobody knows why its so foggy but its crazy! nobody can see anything! it makes my hair really nice and lionlike so its fun to look in the mirror after weve been out on the streets all day! Both of my companions so far left for their casa this week during changes and i received my new comp, Hermana Martinez from Columbia. she has about the same time in the mission as me so its really good that were both young, fresh, and ready to work. I know were going to see many miracles this change and i can already feel that im going to learn a lot from her. She comes from a very humble circumstance and is the only memeber of herfamily. were opposites so i feel like we`ll be able to connect with everyone because we cover all the angles! im not super excited for my birthday but thanks for the birthday wish anyways. I am still here in Llolleo in the coast of San Antonio so im glad to not have a new sector. This week we also had another earthquake. it wasnt anything serious for the poeple here but it was the strongest one ive felt! it was during the night so i woke up thinking it was a dream an wondering why i wsnt snapping out of it! it is such a weird feeling to feel the earth literally moving beneath you, i guess its just something you have to experience for yourself to understand! But all is well that ends well i guess.
It was good to hear that everyone seemed to learn something from the stake conference. It was our ward conference here this past week and the topic was eternal goals. God has such a different perspective for us then we can see for oursleves. In the bible dictionary it saying ´´only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness.`` if the temple isnt our goal, we arent focusing in the right direction. Eternal goals can change our whole perspective, it doednt matter if we are less actives, the pres. of relief societry, investigating the church, or al the lowest point in life...the temple has the answers. And to prepare for the temple, we have to make our homes sacred places. I have gained such a testimony of the spirit in the home. its something we should make a goal eternal!
Love you all and hope everything is going good! Have agood week! ALSO PS i need recipes for simple desserts (cookies, brownies, ice cream in a bag...) if someone could send me some that would be great! LOTS OF LOVE FROM CHILE!!!! hermana phelps

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