Sister Dustin Phelps- Chile Santiago West Mission
December 2014-July 2016

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flea Bag

Dear family! i finally got some pictures to load so hopefully you end up getting them! We have had some struggles this week but i cant complain too much! The one picture is with members from my first ward i don't have many from this area yet. One is of the port here in San Antonio but its super ugly right now because you cant see much thanks to the fog. But you get the general idea! the others are a sign that is a tsumani warning which is actually really scary because there are a ton of earthquakes here in CHile and the tsumani rate here on the coast is actually really high thanks to the endless movement of the earth! dont worry though I definately know the security routes to higher ground. Actually the people are being more accepting recently because there was a huge flood earlier this month in the north where it never rains. And yesterday in the South there was a huge volcanic erruption  that has never errupted in all the years anyone can remember. From what a can gather the people think they are being punished for the laws the government is passing and they are completely sure God is punishing them. Gladly many people need a message of hope and a loving Father in Heaven at this time so its all working out good. Hopefully the natural dissasters continue to avoid this area here of the mission! We have a baptism coming up for a young chap named Javier. he is 23 and a really good investigator, he always does his part with the reading and stuff. The only weakness is our teachings im really sure. But hopefully everything comes through and we have a baptism here on the 10th! What a good mothers day present! Also may 21 here is some sort of holiday of a battle with Peru so im pretty sure we´ll be celebrating in some sort for my birthday!
A few interesting things have happened this past week. There was an outbreak of FLEAS (yuck) all along the coast and guess who was lucky enough to experience it? Yup, yours truly! It hasnt been a fun experience but at least im not the only one scratching. Almost all the missionaries and half the population have them. We're getting our house sprayed this week i hope so keep your fingers crossed for me! Other than some other health problems though, all is well!
 Love you all tons and Remember to say your prayers always. Love hermana phelps

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